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  1. “The program opened doors to new areas of business for me to impact!”
  2. Give it a try:
  3. Is An Inflatable Playground the Right Business For Me? | InflataParks
  4. 2. Which of these best matches your skill set?

Too many of my clients had no fucking clue how to run a business. I spent so much time educating and preparing them for my services. Time and energy that was better invested elsewhere. I operated Chicks Inc. I was burnt out after doing so many things for so many different people. It broke my heart knowing that a project I invested my blood, sweat, and tears on had failed.

This lesson taught me that trying to help everyone is a waste of time and resources. It protects your mental health. After Chicks Inc, I returned to my roots.

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Those roots were promoting growing businesses in Houston, Texas. In the early days of the Marketing Chicks, I helped brands generate buzz for their products. I put them in the hands of influencers and built promotional events that made sales. Those days were so fucking fun for me.

I did what I was good at, guerrilla marketing and brand activation. I knew I had to go back to that. So, I re-imagined my target client. I vowed to no longer work with people just because they could pay me. I developed standards and referred non-ideal clients to other experts. I only work with non-Texas brands via virtual classes. Now, I work with businesses which satisfy the following:. These new criteria got my business back on track.

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After I promoted myself to these groups, I become an authority figure in my area. I leveraged my experience and past client work to convince local brands to work with me. As I worked with more businesses, the Marketing Chicks started to gain traction. I was getting more referrals than ever before. This helped me raise my prices and attract higher-paying clients. Stuff with a hefty price tag. And guess what?

“The program opened doors to new areas of business for me to impact!”

Those prices add up. What was super cool in January, becomes a big regret in December. I sell expensive services. I buy high-end products. One of the first financial changes I made when rebuilding my business was no longer paying for office space. However, I noticed that neither my employees or I spent a lot of time in there. We did most of our work on our computers and phones.

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Or, we were on the road meeting clients and contractors at their workplace. When my lease was up, I said adios to my posh office and started holding meetings at my local coffee shop. Think about it. Starbucks has coffee and free WiFi.

There, I met with clients and paid for their lunch. This new setting not only saved me money but it allowed me to get more personal with prospects. We spoke like acquaintances getting to know each other. This easy-going and fun environment is an atmosphere I thrive in. When I had Chicks Inc. The problem with this is that many were more focused on growing their business, instead of serving my agency.

It was as if I was the last person on their to-do list. I kept thinking to myself,. The HELL? It got to the point that they failed to deliver work on time. Some even started to compete with me by offering marketing services.

Give it a try:

These toxic relationships were hurting me financially and emotionally. So, I ended these partnerships, then outsourced my work to freelancers. I like freelancers because their primary duty is to complete projects and keep me satisfied. I hire many people from Upwork and Fiverr.

Is An Inflatable Playground the Right Business For Me? | InflataParks

I also employ interns to benefit from their unique perspectives. Young people have amazing ideas. However, I rely on more experienced people in my network for complex or higher-labor projects. This new hiring strategy saved me a lot of time and resources. Even hiring more experienced and expensive contractors saved me a lot of money long-term wise. Knowing who I wanted to work with made networking much easier.

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  • I researched the online and offline places that they were the most active in. Locally, I attended events, conferences, and meetups that targeted explicitly to them.

    2. Which of these best matches your skill set?

    I learned more about them by visiting small or women business centers. Virtually, I was active in groups and forums about marketing and business development. I engaged with other users by offering them value. When they had a question, I answered. When they were unsure about an idea, I listened to their worries. I also built relationships with people who worked with them. For example, if someone provided design services to startups, I gave them enough value that he or she would start referring me to their clients or network.

    This strategy of going where my audience was at and developing relationships within their network helped me get my first handful of new clients. The key to networking and getting referrals is to become clear about what you do and who you do it for. Everyone who befriends me knows that I do marketing and brand activation for businesses.

    When an acquaintance thinks of event marketing, they immediately think of me. This is because I continuously re-affirm who I am and what I do. This brought me, clients when the timing was right. During a session, she told me how she developed a good friendship with the business owner next door to her.

    He owned a popular burger franchise and needed marketing services.