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From here the horn line builds to crescendo as Kit leaps to avoid a fiery plume that destroys his ship. We hear forlorn French horns playing over sustained string chords as Kit contemplates his fate. The mood changes at as a twinkling organ line arises while a dazzling aurora bursts upon the starlit sky. Sunrise brings forth strings abounding in sadness as Kit faces a grim reality. As he explores his new world woodwinds and dissonant horns evoke a sense of futility and desolation. This tri-tone droning theme is carried by a series of repeating string chords that play atop a steady timpani pulse.

At his theme sounds, eliciting hope that his matches can light the strange rocks. As he plods across the barren terrain the Martian Theme plays with occasional counters of the six-note horn motif. The discovery of the ship elicits an ebullient sounding of the Main Theme as trumpets play over bright strings and trilling woodwinds. As Kit moves inexorably towards the craft we hear playing with increased urgency, the Martian Theme pitted against the four-note motif expressed as counterpoint, first as woodwinds then later as strings.

Ulukau: A dictionary of the Hawaiian language (revised by Henry H. Parker)

An ascending horn line played over tremolo strings that transition to woodwinds signals the grim recognition that Kit is truly alone. An occasional interlude of the six-note horn motif does not assuage the sense of dread. Here the Martian Theme emotes with more urgency with the four-note motif playing in counterpoint.

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The cue opens with a trumpet line played over tremolo strings that is joined by woodwinds. Fully satisfied, he and Mona enjoy a dinner of tube rations. We hear a warm and folksy rendering of the Main Theme with a horn flourish at when Kit salutes the flag.

Mickie B. Ashling's News and Views

As the theme continues, its statement is filled with spritely woodwinds that dance to and fro. As he steps and falls clinging to a ledge, the music has a string glissandi descent, and as he raises himself to see the pool, so too the music ascends on strings and woodwinds with trumpets declaring a sense of joy for the discovery. Van Cleave reintroduces his Aurora Motif, although this time it is emoted by twinkling flute and glockenspiel playing atop mysterioso strings. From here we again hear the twinkling Aurora motif born by flute and glockenspiel playing eerily over mysterioso solo violin and strings as Kit hallucinates and invites his friend Dan in.

The alarm clock shatters the illusion. After determining by a hole in the skull that the being was murdered, restless strings and trumpets emote this new proto-theme with a sense of urgency. A horn shock chord leads into a choppy ostinato by celli as the two flee. At we switch to the Aurora Theme now emoted strongly by urgent strings with woodwind counters as the men finally reach the cave. Sonorous strings play as Kit sleeps but the onset of tremolo strings and muted horns alert us to a fascinated Friday playing with the alarm clock which ends quickly as Kit awakes.

Severing Charm

Friday then takes Kit to a deserted stone compound and motions him to descend to it. At an eerie descent motif of strings and woodwinds is introduced as they slowly descend into the compound. A sad dirge-like six-note low register line carried by woodwind portends a sad epitaph as they discover the dead remains of other slaves.

The cue opens with a powerful surge of low register horns, which give way to a repeating trumpet line that plays over a relentless four-note ostinato as Friday searches franticly for the now buried Kit.

Katniss Everdeen

We shift to a cyclic violin line that plays against a repeating low register bass pulse. We continue with a warm statement carried by woodwinds, strings and muted horns as the men recover from their ordeal. The cue concludes with the Main Theme played as a happy march over pizzicato bass. But both are still mindless exercises that have no real value beyond curiosity, conducted by people with too much time on there hands.

See the quote by WFB below in case any of these time-wasters teach at Harvard. One could follow the PP paradigm with precision and know absolutely nothing about emotion mapping to the regions of the brain. And emotion mapping of the brain will not instruct anyone on how to be happier. General psychiatry and psychology do not need evolution to support their clinical observations and conclusions. So why then must PP? There is no doubt genetic reasons why someone may be predisposed to happiness or mental illness. But so what? What clinical value does that provide?

And from an evolutionary context, telling a distressed person that he should be happy because Steven Pinker says it is part of his evolutionary adaptation places Pinker on a pedestal where he does not belong. Brain-scan-o-rama has created a new high-tech version of phrenology. You should be miserable! William F. Buckley, RIP. Hi Senia, Thanks for your comments. Hi Christine Thanks for these thoughts.

And this is where it starts to get tricky — Positive psychology claims to be a science. If so, it needs to be scrupulous about the scientific basics like definitions. Does that make sense? Perhaps some of the other US-based readers might be in a position to comment further? A commitment to say 9 at three price points and 3 quality levels would do fine. If I could trust the information they provided, I could choose with control of the outcome. The reasons that we have so much superficial choice that adds no pleasure, engagement or meaning to our lives is sad and perhaps is the next topic in organizational psychology!

Oh I love a conversation that takes me to the edge. Bridget are you going to the DOP conference in January? The recently departed Solzhenytsen, conquered his gulag oppressors by using an internal dialectic of resistence while in captivity. Meta-physically perhaps.

And happiness or lack of it is generally experienced at a much more mundane level. Because you limit contendedness to material satisfaction. In fact,. Because a person with a strictly materialistic view of contentment can never be content. And values outside of material acquisition are driven by human relationships. Note however that that says nothing about the nature of those relationships.

Cleaving and Scribing Systems and Tools

A sadist could be contently sadistic. I am attracted to Positive Pyschology mostly because it assumes that that philosophical ground has already been plowed. There is a lot about PP clinical implementation that still needs maturation, especially related to therapeutic treatment of the mentally ill psychiatric patient,rather than merely life-management advice for the fundamentally sound.

And its expectations have to be better grounded more on that later. But that fact that PP is so intellectually accesible is one of its greatest strengths.

Blog on Nouw

The last thing it needs is a priesthood that invents complexity where none exists. For example is there really a huge difference between savouring and gratitude or hope and self efficacy. Just a quick comment on your cynicism about brain scanning. The advantage is that it can sort out the pearls of wisdom from much of the hype that is promoted in self help books. Also its not hard to imagine a future where brain scanning can be used to assist people to be happier.