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Route can follow a cab driver in London on every ride. Route studies these questions in order to understand where people go and what they look at yes, the tracking device is that sensitive. The firm then combines these individualized travel maps with data which quantifies how people purchase different consumer goods in different neighborhoods. Using a paper map of Paris, they cut out the neighborhoods they visited most often, spaced them from each other based on their sense of mental distance between the places, and represented the crossings they used most frequently to travel between these locations.

Image used with permission from Tjebbe at Imaginary Museum. The Situationists were appalled by how bourgeois values were reducing urban life to a series of work and consumption routines.


Maps like this one worked to reimagine urban space outside of the paradigms of capitalism. The Situationists were well aware that the field of advertising was developing to manipulate desire and was using psychoanalysis to do so.

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They sought to subvert this influence by developing a rigorous method of wandering to reclaim their own relationship with place and travel. They deliberately entered into novel experiences in order to study the personal, psychological, emotional, and relational dimensions of life in a context completely separated from their status as beings embedded in an economic system.

Psychogeographers even created games for subverting the organizing principle of commercialism in the cityscape. In one game, players would draw a straight line on a map and follow it as closely as possible.

Players deliberately put themselves in situations that could not have been preordained by bourgeois custom in order to travel deeper into their own senses of self, place, and social interaction. That was sixty years ago. Today, the advent of the internet has created new opportunities for the commercialization of place. As tracking data has become less expensive, companies like Route have realized that collecting travel data and connecting it with consumption patterns is big business.

Moreover, Route is not alone in digitizing the relationships between commerce and place. A similar app, Yelp , draws on user reviews to generate maps of consumption opportunities.

Come to the Edge, An Invitation to Adventure by Jim Killen | | Booktopia

Yelp rewards users for building identities around their desires as consumers with escalating titles of social media status. Apps like these frame social notions around what constitutes a valid destination—and, by proxy, which places matter. Their collective influence is so ubiquitous that many businesses feel they cannot survive without Yelp profiles. The situationists must be rolling in their graves. Atlas is a card game in which players explore urban places and map their experiences.

Created by Jared Wood a co-author of this essay and Richie Rhombus in the spirit of psychogeographic games, Atlas takes players to places they would have never found on their own—and gets them lost in places they thought they knew. Unlike Yelp and Foursquare, Atlas is not easy. Atlas directions. Image used with permission from Jared Wood. Players take turns pulling cards, carrying out the instructions, and recording the results of the game in the form of hand-drawn maps.

They alternately assume the roles of Navigator, Cartographer, and, depending on the group, Arbitrator. Designed to be playable in any city in the world, the Atlas card deck has made appearances in San Francisco, Honolulu, and La Paz, Bolivia. The authors of this article, longtime friends and travel buddies, each played their own respective games of Atlas—in New York City and in Madison, Wisconsin.

They then discussed their psychogeographic experiences, unpacking ways that Atlas influenced each of them to reevaluate their relationships to these places—and the art of interacting with them—in unpredictable ways. They share their experiences and reflections below. Rest Stop card from Atlas. Used with permission from Jared Wood. I grimace at the grimy bricks as we lay down for a midday catnap on a Washington Square Park walking path. As I close my eyes, my mind wanders into a meditative state, awash in the conversations of others.

For me, they perfectly symbolize the impossible pressure, competition, and artistic standards I associate with New York City. But what do I really know about this place, anyway? This is my first time actually being here as an adult.

How to create an invitation for any occasions using The Whimsical Friends Bundle | Edge and Virtue

Who would have thought. I look over at my younger brother: eyes closed, not a line of tension on his face. Thinking back, I realize my idea of the city that never sleeps is based mostly on having known a few hardworking artists who moved there and moved back, exhausted by being small fish in a big pond. That, and watching Seinfeld after school as an adolescent. Atlas has illuminated some of the personally- and commercially-conditioned projections I have carried into this place, and shown me the city up close in a way no guidebook could.

Our deeply embodied experiences of place have led us to notice how the built environment is affecting our bodies, psyches, and imaginations. Our conversations reflecting on these experiences have inspired deeper creative and emotional connections with each other as we wonder together about why we travel and what we are unconsciously bringing along with us.

New Direction card from Atlas. Come and enjoy an amazing fun filled day with Fearless Adventures!

What A Card Game Teaches Us About Moving Through A City

Traveling in this region… add this to your trip! Most fun and laughter, heart pound and thrilling experience! Breathtaking views! Abseiling — Highest in the Garden Route. Book Now.

nature themed weddings

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We would definitely recommend Fearless Adventures. Beforehand I was really scared, but Roche was amazing and very helpful!! Overall the trip was stunning with views will not forget!