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Aw thanks Waffle just what I always wanted! It was a DVD from Vervonica. My banana split, my pogo stick? Isn't it my birthday? Maybe I wasn't born at all. Banana splits and pogo sticks he might as well get the planet Saturn.

I wish it came down. Back in Toon Town Veronica and the gang found my party hat lying on the ground by the well. Blik "she. Breanne must be getting me a fantastic gift down there. Gordon had a blue derby hat with a bell on top of it. Gordon let go of the rope to scratch his head. The gang fell into the well with the big bucket and they were sailing down the stream. The big bucket crashed into a giant penny and the gang flew out of the bucket and onto shore.

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All of a sudden the place started to light up. After my birthday party I should know. I wish for a peanut butter sandwich and a Root Beer to wash it out with. Nails gobbled down the peanut butter sandwich. Blik, one, for Miranda, and one for Urp, and. Blik noticed that the candles were blown out from Nails making so much wishes.

Blik," said Nails "Breanne is gonna have a time of her life because I'm gonna wish the cherry coca cola she ever dreamed of! I took my hands and dipped them into the cherry coca cola river and slurped some. But a couple of more candles were blown out. More candles blow out. Then the candle lit out and it was one candle left. Look at all the neat stuff we got right here. A stereo system, root beer, an iPad, and a Playstation 3.

Hey who wants to play ping pong?

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Some ice cream? I guess you guys are right but you know it was a pretty fun birthday. Even though it was my first one. We wouldn't want to stumble around in the dark would ya'?

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Blik hushed him. Okay here we GO! Me and the girls were giggling when we tied a know onto Nails's ankle while he was asleep and fell out of bed.

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If it rains it might be wrinkled. Nails opened up his first.

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That means this must be He opened up the other present and it was a pogo stick. A flying machine, a banana split, and a pogo stick! Hey, make that two pogo sticks one for each foot you know. Lima beans!?

Blik, one, for Miranda, and one for Urp, and one for Jennifer, and one for Waffle, and one for Veronica. Blik holding a big cup of Root Beet twice the size of him and was so happy about his Root Beer. How did they get here? See More by princessbreanne. Rabbit hated Valentine's Day! How do I know if my child is ready for chapter books? There is no doubt that all children develop the ability to read fluently and independently in their own time.

As chapter books generally have a greater amount of text than their picture book counterparts, children need to be competent at decoding words, and reading fluently enough to comprehend what they are reading. One simple test of the level of difficulty of a book for your child is to choose a page at random and have your child read the page aloud. If you get to five fingers up, the book is too hard. If your child is slowly sounding out many of the words, the book is too hard.

fiabe della sardegna un mondo di fiabe italian edition Manual

When reading a book at the right level a child should read at around the same speed as he talks, with the reading smooth and fluent. The child should read with expression and be able to tell you confidently about what they have read. If you are unsure whether your child is ready for a particular chapter book, borrow a copy of it from your local library or school library and give it the five finger test. If it proves to difficult for them, you can always read it together as a read aloud. Christie Burnett is an early childhood teacher, presenter, writer and the editor of Childhood