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The mother. The biological father. What weighs more: a kilogram of wet cotton or a kilogram of feathers? Wet cotton. They both weigh the same. What is 0. What even is language? How many alphabets are present in the English language? I hate math so much.

Mr Brown was killed on Saturday afternoon. The wife said she was reading a book. The butler said he was taking a shower.

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A plague of blood Frogs Because they did not have time to prepare food for themselves Exodus A pillar of cloud True Exodus The upright frames of the tabernacle were made from mahogany. The Ta b e r n a c l e Why did the Israelites have to bring clear oil of pressed olives to the tabernacle?

Food In The Wilderness True or false? The Israelites were allowed to collect enough manna for two days on the sixth day, so they did not have to collect any on the Sabbath. Food In The Wilderness Except for the manna collected on the sixth day, what happened to any manna that was not eaten on the day it was collected?

Spies Enter and Return Name two of the three kinds of fruit which the spies brought back from Canaan. Spies Enter and Return Most of the spies who returned from Canaan said they felt like what, in their own eyes, and in the eyes of the Nephilim? Spies Enter and Return Who were the only two spies to say to Moses that they should enter Canaan and attack the people?

J o s h u a Who did Joshua take over from as the commander-in-chief of the Israelites? J o s h u a How many spies did Joshua secretly send in to Jericho to spy out the land? You shall not steal 2. On Mount Sinai 3. The upright frames were made of acacia wood Exodus 5. Curtains 6. The oil was used to light the lamps 7. Quails 8. The manna became full of maggots Grapes, figs and pomegranates Numbers Grasshoppers Numbers Caleb and Joshua Moses Book of the Law The deep friendship and love David and Jonathan had for each other was said to surpass that of a man for a woman.

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David as King At which town was David anointed king over Judah? David as King For how many years did David reign in Jerusalem? Capture of Jerusalem Who was the father of the following children, and where were they born? The Ark Taken to Jerusalem What did the ark symbolize? David did not know the name of the beautiful woman who he watched bathing. B a t h s h e b a To whom was Bathsheba married? B a t h s h e b a What happened to Uriah in the next battle after David had ordered that he should be left alone in the front line?

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True 2 Samuel 2. Love, loved, loved 3. This was said by Jonathan to David 1 Samuel 4. Hebron 5. The Jebusites 8. Water shaft 9. God struck him down and he died beside the ark Michal despised David The presence of God True 2 Samuel Uriah the Hittite Uriah was killed. T h e S t i l l S m a l l Vo i c e The second thing that Elijah observed on the mountain was an earthquake, what was the third thing? E l i s h a a n d N a a m a n What was Elisha doing as Elijah threw his cloak over him? E l i s h a a n d N a a m a n What was the matter with commander Naaman?

H e z e k i a h Which prophet advised Hezekiah to trust God? H e z e k i a h What happened to Sennacherib when he returned home in disgrace? The prophets of Baal 2. The God who answered by fire 3. Mount Horeb Sinai 5. A strong wind 6. A fire 7. Driving a yoke of oxen 8. He had leprosy 9. Isaiah Some of his sons murdered him in the temple of his god King Uzziah Holy, holy, holy A live coal from the altar. Josiah Finds the Law True or false?

When Josiah heard the Book of the Law read he tore his robes. Amos Thrown Out of Bethel To show the people how crooked they had become, Amos pictured God as a builder, holding what? Samaria Destroyed True or false? Samaria was the capital of the southern kingdom of Judah. F a l l o f J e r u s a l e m To which land were the people of Judah deported?

F a l l o f J e r u s a l e m Which exile from Jerusalem interpreted dreams for the king of Babylon?

Hilkiah 3. True 2 Kings 4. Tekoa in southern Judah 5. Mourning, weeping 6. A plumb line 7.

What Is Your “Two And A Half Men” IQ?

Gomer 8. The Israelites 9. Heal, love Samaria was capital of the northern kingdom of Israel Sennacherib Sons, daughters King Nebuchadnezzar Babylon Birth of Jesus How many children had Mary had before she gave birth to Jesus? Visit of Wise Men True or false? There were only three wise men. Visit of Wise Men What were the three gifts the wise men gave to Jesus? Jesus at Twelve in the Te m p l e True or false?

John wore clothes made of sheepskin. She was a virgin 2. The angel, to the shepherds 3. Mary, Joseph, baby 4. We are not told how many wise men there were 5. In Jerusalem 6. Gold, frankincense incense and myrrh 7. The Lord warned him in a dream 8. Egypt 9. Jesus listened to and asked questions of the teachers in the temple courts Luke Grew, God, men The Pharisees and Sadducees religious leaders Holy Spirit, fire John The Baptist Arrested True or false? After his temptation, Jesus stayed in the south; he only moved to Galilee when John was arrested.

Call of First Disciples Who is the only disciple whose martyrdom is recorded in the pages of the Bible? First Miracle True or false? Mary was not present at the marriage feast in Cana. First Miracle What instruction did Jesus give to the servants concerning the lack of wine? John the Baptist baptized Jesus 2. The Holy Spirit in the form of a dove 3.